Up, Up and Away Ep. 69

We are docked in Waterford, NY today, at the confluence of the Hudson River and the Erie Canal. We’ll be doing a big left turn and starting up the Erie Canal tomorrow. There’s no training wheels on this excursion. The first day involves the transiting of 5 locks, each rising about 33ft for a total of 159 ft above the Hudson River. It’s indoctrination by fire! Check out this drone-based video of the area. Please make sure your seat belts are fastened and tray tables locked in the upright position!


8 Replies to “Up, Up and Away Ep. 69”

  1. This is so incredible Tom! To see the whole system via your drone is really interesting and fun. Fred and I have been through the Panama Canal so we understand what goes on but to be part of your experience is truly amazing. Fred was wondering if it cost an individual boat like your a fee to go throw?
    Learning about the Waterford intersection is very interesting. Didn’t know that. We will get out a paper map to follow along.
    We wish you a safe journey!
    Thanks again for taking the time to share!
    Hi to Karen as well, you both make a great team!

    1. Thanks Donna. There normally is a fee to transit the Erie, about $100, but it’s the canal’s 200th anniversary, and in a moment of NY state generosity they decided to make it free this year!

    1. Thanks George! It’s a DJI phantom 3 advanced, on loan from my friend Matt. I’m hoping I can keep it from taking a swim this summer or I’m on the hook to buy him a new one!

  2. Wow, a drone! Very envious! I’ve really been wanting one both in Ireland and Morocco in order to capture some of the amazing archaeological sites.

    Enjoyed the video.

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